30 September 2014

Guest Blogger for 2014-2015 season LOUISE COOPER!

One of the newest editions to the Ivy Writers Paris team, Louise Cooper, has stepped up to the challenge of maintaining our monthly calendar of literary events in the city on the Fragment78 ParisReadingsMonthlyListing blog. Lou is a recent graduate of the Oakland University School of Music, Theatre and Dance in Detroit, MI where she pursued a BA in Theatre.  She spent the last year backpacking through Europe and teaching in India before settling down in Paris. An au pair by day, in her spare time she hopes to explore written word as a new medium and delve into the artistic happenings here in Paris!

She will have the October listings up and running before you know it! Feel free to show her some lovin' by commenting "THANKS" or / and emailing her directly your events for Nov, Dec and beyond and just say HELLO LOU when you see her out and about at your reading events this month!

16 September 2014


Time out--or rather IN SEARCH OF A GUEST BLOGGER to maintain this site this year! If you are interested and have a few hours a month to help keep Paris updated on all things literary, please contact me. This site was the first calendar of writing events and has continued to include calls for work and bilingual as well as a selection of all-French events, too. It would be sad to see it go, but my schedule really cannot handle this this year. SO, please HELP OUT and VOLUNTEER (even to do a month or two!) Below is the full info:

SOUGHT: Guest blogger for this invaluable monthly calendar of literary events in Paris http://parisreadingsmonthlylisting.blogspot.fr/ The postings happen once a month and include English, bilingual and a selection of French reading events and writing workshops. Guest blogger will be encouraged to add their own personal touch to the postings. 
Currently the job involves:
 1) receiving and ordering in paragraph formats the information for sections 1-2 of the blog on events and writing workshops in Paris (with bookstores and various events, the job involves reformatting and even contacting or seeking the information) 
 2) locating information for section 3 on potential calls for work, and selecting a smattering of prose, poetry, travel writing and other information and 
 3) including in section 3 and on the sidebar announcements for new and forthcoming books by authors based in Paris or who will be reading in Paris that month. 
 Benefits? Everyone will love you forever for helping get the word out. Occasional tickets to events  (ie some of the theater events) and books by guest visiting authors. The timing is ONE post per month, usually near the start of each month. If interested, please contact Jennifer K Dick at the blog address mentioned on the sidebar or via FB. 

THANK YOU for posting and passing along this call for blogger!!!