29 July 2009

Aug Aug and AWAY!!!!

Alas, alas, there is no readings list for August! "Everyone" goes away on vacation. Or wants to be going away? Or at least they are here hanging out in a much more relaxed, emptied out version of the city, populated by more tourists than natives, with shops shut up for the month or part of it. With this closing up shop comes a sort of lovely relaxedness to Paris. Pressure is off, yet the city's charm remains.

But if you are coming HERE to Paris for vacation, do not despair! The hard core permanent fixtures of the city are sure to help you get your reading fill in: check by Shakespeare and Co for Monday events and Sunday teas (if that is happening), look up Paris Soirees organized by Patricia Laplante Collins to see whether she will be around, and check with the other bookstores such as Village Voice, Red Wheelbarrow, The Abbey, WH Smiths et al as well as stop by the American Library site, Irish Cultural Center, and even try the Canadian Cultural Center to see whether they will be hosting anyone this sleep summer month!
I will be back with a RENTREE listing here at the end of the first week of September for you all! I hope until then that you will enjoy some good books on the beaches, be that Paris Plage or les plages de la côte d'azur!!! (Photo credit for the lovely sea image here goes to LocaSun the other one is a 1925 poster of the Tour Eiffel)
So NO Paris,
and Yes to the BEACH!!!
See u all this fall