22 July 2006

August Reading--something to peruse during the heat wave!


Feeling a little sun-blasted? Then H_NGM_N #5 is exactly the kind of lemonade you need to get you through the rest of the summer! READ IT AT: http://www.h-ngm-n.com/ new issue with POEMS by Brad Liening • Brett Price • Christopher Mulrooney • Clay Matthews • Corey Mesler • Daniel Becker • Daniel Nester • Dorothea Lasky • Erica Bernheim • Erin Martin • Evan Commander • Gina Myers • Jason Bredle • JD Schraffenberger • Joshua Beckman • Julia Cohen • Matt Hart • Monica Fambrough • Pablo Peschiera • Peter Jay Shippy • Richard Fein • Samuel Amadon • Sheila Murphy • Steve Orlen • Thomas Hummel • Twilight Greenaway Adam Clay • Bob Marcacci • Fred Schmalz • Jon Woodward • Lance Phillips • Tyler Carter Jake Adam York • Joyelle McSweeney • Richard Meier FICTION: Dorothy and the Revolution by Vincent Masterson ESSAYS: on William Carlos Williams by Daniel Nester • on Robert Duncan, Alain Badiou, and Jean-Luc Nancy by Michael Cross + REVIEWS, an ARTIST’S PORTFOLIO by Henry Samelson & COMIX: SOME GRAPHIC SENTENCES by Michael Donnelly.
Nate Pritts: editor@h-ngm-n.com

ALSO: Click over to H_NGM_N B_ _KS for information on our chapbooks including some new releases – CHANCE by Daniel Becker : FLIP/CHAP #2 Brad Liening / Gina Myers : SONNET by Matt Hart : BETWEEN THE ROOM AND THE CITY by Erica Bernheim. Nate Pritts, editor@h-ngm-n.com